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How much would you like to charge?

2 Answers

$50/hr for scheduled sessions. $100/hr for QuickTutor's official QuickCalls feature.

I charge $65/hr and clients are always down for it. The app has a really good balance between high end teachers and cheaper graduate-level/college tutors, so it actually works out really well. if a client declines to work with me, they always seem to find someone which makes me happy because my goals are really about helping people. This is a part time job for me and something i really excel in as a person who has recevied a bachelor's degree in my area but yet don't work in that area. it works! Make money for your time, and help other ppl!. love it

I was asked about my teaching experience.

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How would the first 5 minutes of your class be?

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A student has their phone out in the bathroom and is one detention away from not graduating--what do you do?

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I was asked about my experience with IEPs.

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Given the mission of NYC Teaching Fellows, why do you want to join the program and teach in high-need schools in New York City?

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How would I make use of a particular facility (a green-house and ecology laboratory) in the development of curriculum and lesson planning?

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Why should I hire you for this job? I have other candidates

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What did I think would be the most challenging part of the job.

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