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BOA Branch Office Administrator Interview Questions


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Typical "tell me about a time" questions.

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I told them "about a time"

It was a pleasant interview. I do remember being asked to recall an uncomfortable situation with a previous employer and relate how I dealt with it. I did so, and the FA seemed to be satisfied with my answer. Basically, the work is not that hard, especially if you know anything about the financial markets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc). You need to be detail-oriented so that you stay on top of everything, and you should have a good personality and certainly a professional appearance because you will be dealing with clients. It is important that the clients like you and trust you, because they are the reason we come to work every day. With any luck, you will develop warm relationships with many of those clients. You are the face of the office, the first person they talk to when they call and the first person they see when they come in. You can make a real difference in how they perceive their EJ relationship. So the interviewer will be looking for someone who can make that good first impression and make clients feel welcome.

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Describe a stressful situation that had dependant variables and how did you handle it.

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Why would I select Edward Jones as my employer?

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Tell me a time when you had to meet a very tough deadline and what you did to meet it

Phone appt with HR was the typical behavioral/situational inquires.

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Describe a time when you found a mistake that someone made in your workplace and how you corrected it.

Tell me a time when you failed at something, why you failed at it, and what you did to correct it in the future.

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Describe a time when you built a lasting relationship with a client. How did you build and maintain this relationship over time?