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This will not be challenging. The questioners know nothing about marine subjects. They are more interested in your ability to get along with others.

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You are running a highway ferry for small communities using somewhat old (and prone to break down) equipment - you need to know not just the job but the history of the unit and that you will be seeing the same people, usually daily, as your customer. Can you be a part of the community you're working in, and can you get along with rural farm people that may not be as educated as you, and treat them with respect and dignity? They also want to know if you can work with them, as the interviewer is likely your likely boss and their boss.

We do not operate a "community" ferry. We operate a "State" ferry. Those who choose candidates to hire do NOT manage anything. They are HR staff with little knowledge of the operation. The idea that we are a community service is an understandable error of thinking on the part of those in the communities along the highway. While the service does its' best to meet expectations, expectations are sometimes above what is possible due to equipment limitations and/or Federal regulation. Captains are Federally licensed by the way and must conform to Federal rules as must our passengers. The equipment in service includes a 40+ year old cable ferry and a five year old free running ferry mostly designed by CALTRANS. The old cable ferry keeps running because it is simple in design. The newer ferry is something else. I get along very well with most members of the farming community and go out of my way to quickly carry farm machinery accross. Other people with different priorities sometimes feel there is a conflict with the operation because they fail to appreciate the difficulties of operating a very complex machine 24/7/365.

How long have you operated boats? What kind of boat have you operated?

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Why do you want to do this job

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Have you ever washed boats before?

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Describe your previous job experience?

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Do you have computer experience?

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How do you handle stress and pressure?

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Can you tell me a little about yourself?

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Give an example of a big mistake you made in a previous job.

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