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Interview questions in Bonn

Deutsche Telekom Interviews in Bonn /  HQ: Bonn, GM

27 Interviews in Bonn (of 87)

3.0 Average

Deutsche Post DHL Interviews in Bonn /  HQ: Bonn

25 Interviews in Bonn (of 99)

3.2 Average

DHL Consulting Interviews in Bonn /  HQ: Bonn

15 Interviews in Bonn (of 31) / Part of Deutsche Post DHL

3.1 Average

Interview Questions in Bonn

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Case study

1 Answer

I could use whiteboard to solve it, hints form interviewer

Have you heard of BP?

1 Answer

In some interviews I have been asked technical questions, but more to check where I would need training than challenge me. Most questions asked around to understand: from where I come, where I want to go, what is my experience.

1 Answer

Es gab keine unvorhergesehenen Fragen

1 Answer

Wären Sie bereit, viel zu reisen?

1 Answer

Weshalb haben Sie sich beworben?

1 Answer

How good are you with Excel? How do you see yourself in 5 years from now? What are your strongest/weakest points?

What do you think about having responsibilities? Have you turned down any task before? Why?

Was sollen wir über Sie wissen, was nicht im Lebenslauf steht? Wann hatten sie mal Schwierigkeiten in einem Team? Warum DHL Consulting und keine externe Beratung? Was waren Ihre Aufgaben im letzten Praktikum?

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