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How would you help a customer that is preparing to take their GRE in 3 months?

3 Answers

Said that would be difficult and suggested the customer look into other options like software or taking a course.

Since it is a bookstore, the appropriate answer would be to suggest one of the many GRE books we carry in the store...

I would guide them to our GRE books and allow them to View each one and decide and ask if they would like any further assistants

What is one word I would use to describe myself in terms of helping others?

1 Answer

Would you be willing to clean the bathroom if asked.

1 Answer

What do you do if you have to help a customer but don't know the answer to their question, or how to help them?

1 Answer

"How much do you expect to make here?"

1 Answer

When you were working in retail, tell me about an experience where you were forced to control your stress levels? Thinking back I can really see why I was given that question.

1 Answer

why barnes and noble???

1 Answer

How I would sell memberships with the lack of experience in sales?

1 Answer

Do you have any experience in the book industry?

1 Answer

Would you have any problem lifting a certain amount of weight? (Customers bring in boxes of books to sell)

1 Answer
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