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Barnes & Noble
Bookseller was asked...May 19, 2022

What would you do if you were in the middle of an important project but a customer needed help?

4 Answers

Try to salve the problem if I can't get manager

Try to slave the the customers problem if I can't get the bookstores manager

If it was a woman I'd say hold on madam I in a middle of a project training with my manager let me see if I get someone to help you Less

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Barnes & Noble

How would you help a customer that is preparing to take their GRE in 3 months?

3 Answers

Since it is a bookstore, the appropriate answer would be to suggest one of the many GRE books we carry in the store... Less

I would guide them to our GRE books and allow them to View each one and decide and ask if they would like any further assistants Less

Said that would be difficult and suggested the customer look into other options like software or taking a course. Less

Half Price Books
Bookseller was asked...November 15, 2012

what have you been critized about by previous employers?

3 Answers

try not to put something like "working too hard" that is not a criticism.

Thinking for myself

Recognizing stupidity and cowardice

Half Price Books
Bookseller was asked...October 12, 2017

What was your education?

2 Answers

English Literature Major.

Expensive! I’m sure I can whittle down that student loan debt with $11 an hour and quarter raises! When can I start? Less

Half Price Books
Bookseller was asked...October 29, 2013

If you had to choose between the store and your Nanny position, what would you choose?

2 Answers

As much as I loved the children I took care of, I would choose the store because this is a more stable position. All children grow up(save Peter Pan) and soon they won't need me like the store would. Less

Well, both will be dealing with children, so it’s a wash

Barnes & Noble

Why do you want to work here

2 Answers

Tell me about yourself

I've always liked reading books and learning different things from them. Something about reading someone else's imagination and ideas has helped me create some of my own. I also enjoy sorting and organizing things both physically and digitally. I also would like to gain more experience interacting and working with other people who enjoy the same. Less

Barnes & Noble
Bookseller was asked...February 19, 2013

How do you deal with a problem with another employee?

2 Answers

Consult your manager is not a good answer because they want to know that you can resolve conflicts independently and not run to the manager for everything. You have to try to have a civil conversation with the coworker first, telling them the situation and how it made you feel and any other effects the issue may bring. If the issuer is not resolved on your own after a couple of tries, then management should be involved. Less

Consult your manager.

Half Price Books

If you were asked to capture 100 butterflies, how would you go about accomplishing that task?

2 Answers

I absolutely hate questions like this. Can you just ask how I am qualified to do the job you are hiring for? Sheesh. Less

Okay, so immediately after the interview, if you ran out and did that, captured 100 butterflies and brought them back as proof, do you think they’d be impressed and hire you for a job that pays as bad as they do to start? Less

Barnes & Noble

When I got to the part where they ask if you have questions, I started asking questions about the job. She eventually asked if I had any questions about the company. I took that as my cue that I should ask such a question, and came up with a few on the spot.

1 Answers

If you want to get their attention, ask a question about the Nook. They are all about the Nook these days, and if you show an interest in the Nook, they will listen. Less

Bookseller was asked...October 14, 2015

Are you willing to sell cards and magazines?

2 Answers

Well that probably because THATS the JOB of a bookseller/cashier, hello!!! Its HOW you get PAID, you earn bonus $ (spiff). If you cant sell, then you dont want to work there. Less


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