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Estimate how many windows are in New York

34 Answers

Divide and conquer. I may not know the answer to the question, but I can determine the answer because I can approximate two supportnig questions: * How many people are in New York (City or State, btw) * How many windows, on average, does each person have (home, car, work, shopping center, ....) I'll say 10M in NYC and 10 windows per person so my answer is 100M windows in NYC.

10 windows per person?!?! I want to see what apartment you're living in!!

he said 10 windows per person total (including car, home etc). 10 makes good sense. However, i do believe you'll have to go deeper than that. i.e- calculate that, add businesses, shopping centres, cabs and passing cars etc.

How many people can you fit into texas?

5 Answers

A fair die is rolled, you will be given the amount in dollars, equals to the number that shows up on the die. Up to how much dollars you will pay for playing once?

2 Answers

Five guys, all of different ages enter a bar and take a seat at a round table. What is the probability that they are seated in ascending order of age? (clockwise or counter-clockwise)

3 Answers

What is t he greatest weakness?

2 Answers

How many people are in Logan Airport at 9am on a Monday morning?

2 Answers

Why Sapient

1 Answer

Where do you see yourself in five years.

1 Answer

how are you

2 Answers

Nothing crazy. They just kept asking me if I could handle the hard work.

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