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Business Intelligence Analyst Interview Questions in Boston, MA

"Business intelligence analysts use their analysis of market trends and internal data to recommend where a business can improve profits and reduce expenses. Prepare for your interview by brushing up on your financial math and SQL skills, as well as your knowledge of the company's competitive space. A few years of experience and a degree in business, finance, or computer science is required for this position."

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Describe the different parts of an SQL statement

2 Answers

I described a simple statement: Select (Name all columns from tables or use * for all) From (table name(s)) Where (any conditions, join statements ect) Group By / Order By to sort or aggregate the data

SELECT for which columns to include in the result, (tables must be present in the FROM clause), can also include aggregates like COUNT(), SUM(), AVG() FROM for which tables to select rows/attributes from WHERE which is used to filter rows based on a given criteria with comparisons (=, !=, , and keywords LIKE and BETWEEN), INNER JOIN and LEFT/RIGHT OUTER JOIN to combine data across multiple tables ORDER BY DESC/ASC to specify ordering of a specific column name GROUP BY to group data based on the tables passed HAVING to filter rows based on an aggregate used in the SELECT statement that cannot be used with the WHERE clause

50,000 shoppers with a 0.5% conversion rate for a chair that costs $250. Wayfair makes a 27% profit. Next, 50,000 shoppers will get a 10% discount. What is the conversion rate they must achieve to achieve the same profits as before?

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Why are you a good fit for wayfar?

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How do you start a mapping in Informatica?

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The previous scenario actually happened. Would you give a 10% discount?

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What do you like to do for fun?

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With some given info on how Google ads work: If Wayfair had X amount of revenue in 2013 and then in 2014 saw a drop, how would you go about finding the reasoning for this? (more or less the type of question)

First is a 9-step pseudo code, but I think that is not a coding test, but a math test! The interviewer just asked you why they are doing this step, what does this or that formula mean. Second, very stupid! Just show you the entire process of their their marketing and asked you how to generate a metrics of how to evaluate their marketing performance. Then followed by a math test. Unfortunately, the interviewer didn't make himself clear, when you asked, he just thought you were asking for clue?! Third one is a general behavioral test. No coding at all. Just describe your most recent project.

1 Answer

Conversion rate calculation, Behavioral, Presentation, Making sense of a model