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Some modest about SQL - Columns - Did not see / hear much else from anybody -- got the feedback through the recruiter -- that the team did not see much use for the skill set ..did they not get to see my resume ??-- incidentally I have an M.S. in Operations Research / M.S. in Statistics --and have an experience of many yrs in various FSI and GOVT services domain space

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To the best of the ability -- these techie firms should realize when you want somebody from outside of your domain, their logic is sufficient for your needs / Syntax etc. is and can be looked at ..considering they had already satisfied your requirements - qualifications / experience etc. This is a general flaw of the pure Tech cos. when they want serious business oriented folks - experienced -- they tend to dwell on SYNTAX (can be looked-up) than SEMANTICS which is your true GRIT.

Questions are easy: basic SQL questions: 1. build schema for movie, cast, actors. 2. basic SQL questions like check if peter is in the actors list, find those actors who have worked with peter 3. confidence intervals...(they work in NLP ,so term counts are important) Behavior quesions: 1. what's the biggest achievement 2. your past experience 3. leadership principles