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Describe the different parts of an SQL statement

2 Answers

I described a simple statement: Select (Name all columns from tables or use * for all) From (table name(s)) Where (any conditions, join statements ect) Group By / Order By to sort or aggregate the data

SELECT for which columns to include in the result, (tables must be present in the FROM clause), can also include aggregates like COUNT(), SUM(), AVG() FROM for which tables to select rows/attributes from WHERE which is used to filter rows based on a given criteria with comparisons (=, !=, , and keywords LIKE and BETWEEN), INNER JOIN and LEFT/RIGHT OUTER JOIN to combine data across multiple tables ORDER BY DESC/ASC to specify ordering of a specific column name GROUP BY to group data based on the tables passed HAVING to filter rows based on an aggregate used in the SELECT statement that cannot be used with the WHERE clause

50,000 shoppers with a 0.5% conversion rate for a chair that costs $250. Wayfair makes a 27% profit. Next, 50,000 shoppers will get a 10% discount. What is the conversion rate they must achieve to achieve the same profits as before?

17 Answers

Onsite behavioral round (~30 min) - Elevator pitch/introductions, then 5 questions asking about previous experiences, pretty much of the type "tell me about a time when X"

1 Answer

Onsite Complex problem/presentation round (~30 min) - Choose the most complex analytical problem you've faced and make a presentation on how you went about solving it, either in academic scenario or in a professional capacity

1 Answer

Onsite technical round (~1 hour) - Given a model (used at Wayfair) about predicting seasonal trends, explain the code, what each line does, and provide context.

1 Answer

Why are you a good fit for wayfar?

1 Answer

How do you start a mapping in Informatica?

1 Answer

The previous scenario actually happened. Would you give a 10% discount?

1 Answer

What do you like to do for fun?

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