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I was presented with a 9-step procedure to forecast unit sales based on the previous 12 weeks and the history over the past two years, and a general notion that it combines a static average, a linear trend, and a function modeling seasonality. I was given 25 mins to come up with explanations what each step did.

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You are provided with a simple model of the success of a marketing campaign from clicking an add through making an actual purchase, and need to explain the key metrics for each stage. The model is then applied to compare profit versus cost for two scenarios, where in one of them the cost is higher but also the customer willingness to provide their email (one of the steps is capturing their email). For that case, you need to calculate the click-through rate to break even, and then compare that click-through to the initial (base) scenario

Why do you want to work for Wayfair?

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Offering 20% discount increases sales by 25% - what's the impact on financials, operations, marketing

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Compare fulfillment leaning on suppliers with direct model (more control, economics of scale). Wayfair uses hybrid model

Why wayfair?

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Some modest about SQL - Columns - Did not see / hear much else from anybody -- got the feedback through the recruiter -- that the team did not see much use for the skill set ..did they not get to see my resume ??-- incidentally I have an M.S. in Operations Research / M.S. in Statistics --and have an experience of many yrs in various FSI and GOVT services domain space

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why wayfair

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