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Why wayfair? Look at these datasets and tell us what you see. What does this line mean? One particular case had a bunch of ugly looking variables and formulas - I think that was meant to fluster you.

Given the fact that revenue will not increase or even decrease a little bit, but with a higher percentage of email registration, will you say this is acceptable?

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Questions around stakeholder mgmt , process , hiring / firing

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Analyze a dataset, why wayfair? , read basic psuedo code

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Algebra question - based on catalog mailing . Took me a few minutes

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Where do you see yourself in five years?

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Mostly situational interview for process and program management situations and skills review. Some technical questions about experience in Sys-admin in Linux platforms - intention behind these questions was to ensure comfort and basic tech skills needed for knowledge articles curation / validation. Interesting situations were around "Best practices in how to populate the KB with value added articles", "How to keep the KB fresh", and how to get over the what's in it for me questions that Support engineers are often posed with. Also, how KB process integrates with Communities.

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Describe a project you worked on with a team and how you split up the work

Give a small presentation about a project you worked on