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Boston Consulting Group Interview Questions

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Case interview:

1 Answer

designed to see your thought process and reasoning through a past project experience.

Case interview involving mining company that pioneered a new mining process that made extensive ore deposits accessible but required new equipment not commercially available. Should they manufacturer in-house or contract to outside firms?

1 Answer

A coal mining company with majority market share in Canada is witnessing declining profits. Find out what's wrong.

1 Answer

Classic case interview

1 Answer

how many tennis balls fit in a 8 x 8 room?

1 Answer

I have a secondary Spanish degree on my diploma, so on my resume, i included that i was fluent in spanish. A native speaking partner at the second round interview told me - in spanish - that we would be conducting the entire interview in spanish.

1 Answer

Calculations of odd percentages within profitability case

1 Answer

The asked about specific types of marketing analysis that I had never heard of. I have researched these and found little or no information. They must by BCG specific. So, without working there before....

1 Answer

Unexpected fit question: "If I took your resume and removed the name at the top, what line on your resume would make your friends read it and recognize you?"

1 Answer

What was your most difficult challenge during college?

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