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Data Scientist Interview Questions in Boston, MA

"Every business collects data, and it's the job of the data scientist to analyze, interpret, and communicate that information in a way that will help drive company decisions. In an interview, expect to answer technical questions about your ability to perform quantitative tests as well as create clear visualizations of large, complex data sets. Come ready to discuss past projects you've worked on and how you communicate data findings clearly and concisely in order to help solve business-related problems."

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How would you correlate each device a person visits the website with back to that person?

1 Answer

Right answer: logistic regression. check if they logged in. Wrong answers: SVMs, anything temporal, dimensional reduction, linear regression, finding out more about the dataset/industry to help with modeling the data in anyway.

what makes stand out from other applicants

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In my opinion the most challenge question is to ask you to determine whether the difference of mean values of two columns is significant or not?

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Given an existing set of purchases, how do you predict the next item to purchase of a new basket?

1 Answer

HackerRank Data Scientist test: First question gave an option to code in R, while the other two didn't.

1 Answer

Phone Interview: Going over your resume and how you fit in the position

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How long have you worked with SQL? How long have you worked with Python, large data sets etc? What attracts you to Harman

Why do you want to work for Palantir?

2 Answers

Different case study of analyzing customer behavior.

Can you tell more in detail about your projects listed on the resume?

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