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Can you tell me about a time you had to give bad news in a professional setting?

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Talked about a time in an internship when my statistical model did not agree with the director's assumptions, but I learned to be confident in my analysis because he ended up considering it very insightful.

What should Toyota do given that it had a manufacturing defect in its line of hybrids?

What do you do outside of work? Why do you like it? How could I share that with Slalom Consultants? Can I teach other people at Slalom?

Identify countries with emerging markets for mobile banking (products/ services on a phone). Determine the market size of these developing countries.

What should our client, a parking garage owner/operator, do to turnaround its business where profits are flat and competition is high.

A utilities company is looking to acquire a small solar panel company. They are considering purchasing it for $10M. Is this a good price? If not, what price should they pay for the company?

One of the partner's gave me a case which was created from her personal experience with an automotive company. She gave me the high level problem and asked me to provide her with an approach to tackle the problem. The problem related to a design process of a product prototype. The goal was to reduce the time and resources it took to design the prototype.

R1 cases could be on any topic and can be any case type. R2 was more focused on the work which different verticals at Fidelity engage in - asset management, stock options, retirement accounts, etc.