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Do you have any connections with cultural institutions like the MFA in Boston?

1 Answer

Yes, I know some people who work at the MFA.

Suppose there is a series of 100 light bulbs labeled 1 through 100 that all start in the off position. Person 1 walks in the room and turns on every light bulb. Person 2 walks in the room and flips the switch on every 2nd light bulb (i.e. he turns off all even numbered light bulbs). Person 3 walks in the room and flips the switch on every 3rd light bulb (turning some on and some off). This process continues until person 100 goes through and flips the switch on the 100th light bulb. Which light bulbs will be lit up at the end?

1 Answer

Describe a situation where you had to resolve an issue with a client, and turn it from a negative to a positive

1 Answer

Do you believe a tuxedo rental shop would be a attractive business opportunity?

1 Answer

Please describe your investment thesis for your stock.

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What kind of cell phone do you use?

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Build a methodology for sizing the number of pharmacies on the island of Manhattan

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tell me something about yourself.

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technical phone interview includes brief introduction of myself followed by walking through the thinking process of the excel exercise

Suppose I have two warehouses on the east and west coast of the US from which I can ship merchandise, and suppose I want to ship a product to a customer from one of the warehouses. Normally, we would ship the product from the warehouse that is closer to the customer, but what are some other considerations that may influence the decision of which warehouse to ship from?

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