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Sales Executive Interview Questions in Boston, MA

"Sales executives bring their experience in sales to create relationships with clients, identify product improvements, and close deals for the company. Prepare for your interview by outlining stressful situations you've handled, identifying the compelling features of a company's product, and analyzing how you build long term client relationships. In addition, you should expect to be required to give a sales pitch to the employer."

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Why Valpak and why coupon sales?

1 Answer

Strong brand name and valuable, tangible product that business owners can touch and feel.

What is the worst thing you have done in sales

1 Answer

Your standard interview questions. Describe a time when, describe your current job description, etc.

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Wanted to understand what network I had available to immediately penetrate the market

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"Lets pretend, for a moment we offered you the position today at a salary more than twice what you made last year. This is just pretend now... How would you continue to push yourself if money was no longer the driving force to excel in a competitive sales role? And what are looking for from your management team to keep you inspired to be more successful day in and day out?"

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They will ask you to write an email to a prospect selling them on a subscription

There were no difficult or unexpected questions asked during either interview

Please describe the sale in your career that you are most proud of? What was one sale that you lost that you feel you could have won if you approached it differently?

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