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Senior Director Interview Questions in Boston, MA


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What would your previous manager say is a skill that you need to improve on?

Nothing. It's a standard competency based interview. Make sure you have thought through your experience scenarios that align to the role with regards to the situation/action/result and you'll be fine.

Why are you interested in working at CRISPR?

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They asked me for my honest opinion of the department for which I was interviewing.

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Why are you considering leaving your current roll?

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What type of partner would you look for in this role to become part of HubSpot's partner network?

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Unlike any phone screen I have participated in before. Phone screener was only concerned with money. Right out of the gate the first question was "what is your salary requirement"? Explained I wanted to learn more about job and them about me before discussing. She badgered/harassed me for 10 more minutes until I finally gave her a range to get her off this topic. She told me that range was normally in the VP range and this was a Sr director position. Told her this was what my research showed for this area for this position and given my experience level I was not out of line asking for this range. I asked what type of skills/person they were looking for and she could not answer - repeated the job description. At this point I had decided if this was the way the interview was going I did not want to work for this company anyway if all they cared about was money. I was even questioning if this was a spam call versus an actual phone screen! Entire call lasted 25 minutes and majority was about salary. She promised me she would discuss with the hiring manager and would definitely get back to me. Definitely did NOT! Got a form email 5 months later indicating they were going with someone else.

Will you accept the job if we offer it to you? When can you start? Which office do you prefer to sit in? Seriously - I was asked those questions. And then a few days later I was notified that they went with another candidate who had more relevant experience. At least I got closure - for what it is worth.

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