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Senior manager Interview Questions in Boston, MA


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Tell me about your experience and where you're going?

3 Answers

Not sure why I'd go back into strategy after so many years for a Sr. Director role when I work above the Director level. Do you have anything with P&L responsibility given my P&L management experience?

Derek the recruiter on this should be fired. So should the hiring manager-they are just hoarding resumes and getting free consulting.

Still open :), pathetic recruiting team and the hiring manager.

Why product manager?

8 Answers

Email scenario; response rates and open rate and a mélange of basic metrics and then you need to crank out an answer. Then talk through if you would test or not. Really not brain surgery.

2 Answers

How do you handle a difficult situation?

3 Answers

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What is the most important quality a Senior Store Manager needs to have?

1 Answer

How would you handle a situation where someone requested you do something and you didn't know how to complete the task?

1 Answer

Bring in any artifacts that illustrate how you manage a project, and share how you use them during the interview.

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Have you ever set up quality parameters before?

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What was the greatest challenge you ever faced?

1 Answer

There were lots of "tell me about a time" questions, where they were looking for a very specific instance.

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