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1. How do you test a key board? 2. Given nine items and one of them is heavier than the others, how do you find the heavier one using a scale just twice?

1 Answer

For Question Two: Split into 3,3, and 3; ->a,b,c if(a==b) split c into 1,1,1;->d,e,f else split the heavier into 1,1,1 weight it if(d==e) return f else return the heavier one

Write an integer-to-string function in C++.

1 Answer

Given two robots on an infinite line of integers, with a flag guaranteed to be between them, write a behavior for both robots to follow which will guarantee them to eventually meet. The robots can only "see" the position they are standing on, and can't remember anything. Also note that they can't tell if they are the leftmost or rightmost robot. They can tell if they are on the flag or the other robot. They may move right, move left, or wait.

1 Answer

difference between abstract class and interface

1 Answer

Not so difficult questions if you are well versed with object oriented programing

Given all the resources and time in the world what will you develop, please note you need to be innovative?

1 Answer

describe different data structures and its complexities .

write a function that takes in an int and returns a string that would be how one would say that number (ex: 123 -> one hundred twenty three; 50019 -> five thousand nineteen).

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