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Lots of questions about arrays, lists and hashmaps

1 Answer

Focus more on how hashmap works and its applications

Given a binary tree with the usual left and right pointers on each node, and additionally a parent pointer, make an algorithm to discover the closest ancestor to 2 nodes on the tree.

7 Answers

How would you code up a custom rectangle detector?

5 Answers

Given a sentence input : helloworld output: HelloWorld YOu should make use of a dictionary available with you. Capitalize the dictionary words in the sentence

4 Answers

Given the word "HEAD" and the word "TAIL," write code and/or describe using computer science algorithms how you would transform from the word HEAD to the word TAIL. Each change must be by only one letter, you cannot change the letter in a given position twice, and each new word must be a valid word.

3 Answers

Given a grid of letters (and access to a dictionary function), create a function that will find all of the words in it. A word is made of adjacent letters (up, down, left, right, diagonal) and cannot reuse the same letter (same block on the grid). Find its runtime.

1 Answer

Implement an LRU cache

1 Answer

probability and percentage in logical questions consist of find probability of choosing ball A form bag A and bag B.

1 Answer

Given 2 images in HTML markup: <img src="blah.gif" /><img src="blah.gif" /> how would you position the lower above the upper in CSS?

1 Answer

In jQuery, describe how the selector syntax works for the click function.

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