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How will you make this code readable (given a piece of code)

3 Answers

Class names were weird.

1. use meaningful conventions and variable names , in Classes , methods , interfaces , packages etc 2.putting comments wherever possible to make the code more readable 3. make code more modular , by dividing the code into functions and the main code

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1. How do you test a keyboard? 2. Given nine items and one of them is heavier than the others, how do you find the heavier one using a scale twice?

1 Answer

You are given 3 large sorted arrays, find the number common to both

1 Answer

Nothing was too difficult. The coding question was just to find, within a list of integers, the longest sequence of consecutively increasing numbers.

1 Answer

Basic two bucket / two hourglass to measure a certain amount

1 Answer

Tell us something about your projects ?

2 Answers

Discuss how will you react under XYZ circustances ?

2 Answers

Given an array of 1000 element, how will you find the element repeated twice in O(n) complexity

2 Answers

asked mostly about data structures and java related questions

How will you make use if given a large dataset.Explain in detail.