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Software Test Engineer Interview Questions in Boston, MA


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Not really familiar with SOAP since I've only been finishing academic projects in web page development instead of web service development, also not so familiar with XML data storage API since I've been using JSON.

C Questions, why is declaring a function important in C

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On site interviews are not that difficult, but they ask you or they expect from you the definitions from the book. Working for few years, you can explain them but not all things that you study are used and this should be understood.

1. Check for existence of an item in the array before adding that item to the array. if item exists return false, hence .... 2. Stack implementation of pop

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Basic OOPS concept, Collections, Data Structures, Algorithms

What are your strengths/weaknesses - was not expecting this in an MSFT interview

Standard questions about Java, Python, Database, Linux.

Design a C++ string class. What are function closures.

What is xml schema? showed xml file and asked to write a test(news in testing world :) ) OOPS concepts and interface classes count intergface classes string methods write a method for palyndrome