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Underwriter Interview Questions in Boston, MA

"Insurance companies depend on underwriters to review insurance applications and determine whether they qualify for acceptance. Employers are looking to hire candidates with strong analytical and organizational skills and experience with computer software. In an interview context, expect to answer technical questions such as evaluating risk as well as behavioral questions that will assess your ability to work on a team and resolve difficult problems. To test your quantitative skills, an interviewer may through in a brain teaser."

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strengths/weaknesses, ranking of certain skills

What would your last manager say are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

just basic overview of me going over my experience and the interviewer going over basics of what job would entail. Very easy and laid back. pay is low for the boston area however.

Describe a tough conversation you had, and how you effectively delivered the message

What are some examples of some of things you have improved on in your prior jobs?

WHy do you want to be an underwriter.

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Tell us about your professional insurance experience?

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Standard questions: work history, strengths/weaknesses, etc. Nothing too odd or off-putting.

Why would I like to join their company

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