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Operations Manager Interview Questions in Boulder, CO

"Employers want operations managers with the leadership, managerial, and interpersonal skills to effectively manage daily operations, evaluate operational costs, and make personnel decisions. Be prepared to discuss your management style as well as your experience handling conflicts and motivating teams to meet deadlines. You should also be ready to answer operational questions such as how you would improve processes to cut costs. A bachelor's degree in management or a similar field of study is required, with a master's degree being ideal."

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How would you approach emerging markets from a business perspective? And how would you get other parts of the business to see the value in those markets (especially compared to the much higher short and longterm value of existing markets).

How would you go about marketing a new product that we would like to feature in our retail stores?

There are 8 major allergens commonly identified in the United States, and CU has chosen to recognize an additional one. What are they?

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What are some methods of loss prevention you would employ to reduce breakage due to theft?

How would you handle a situation where managers at more than one of your units both called off sick on the same day?

What makes you a good fit for the role?

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I honestly don't remember a difficult or unexpected question. They felt standard and simply looking for more data on executive level experiences and handling stress.