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Product Manager Interview Questions in Boulder, CO

Often considered the "CEO" of their product area, product managers oversee the strategy, production, and implementation of a particular product. Because product management teams include members from different backgrounds such as engineering, design, and data design, product managers must have strong communication skills and excel in cross-functional work environments. Expect to answer questions about your management abilities, prioritization skills, and experience working in product. Though not required, technical backgrounds are advantageous particularly when applying for roles at tech companies.

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Whats my favorite product management tool?

1 Answer

Excel. wtf. HR needs to train these people on how to do an interview.

Have I managed a backlog?

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Have I used Agile?

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Are you married?

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Tell me your biggest accomplishment with a product launch? Tell me a time where you were unable to launch a product or ran into a road block a product release and how you overcame that situation?

Just general conversation. Most questions were ones I prepared for the interview.

Writing Assignment: Write a poem, in Dr. Seuss style, about a mundane product that is shared around the world.

What's your experience and background? Have you done anything in data strategy? Are you familiar with SaaS services? What sales experience do you have?

Walked around, chatted, very brief. Informal, just in a hurry to fill the ranks. Hired as entry level work everyone else. Forced overtime with lots of micromanaging. In a hurry to hire anyone due to staffing issues

What is my background and what knowledge of the company product range do I have ?

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