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Software Engineer Interview Questions in Boulder, CO

Software engineers write programs to design and develop computer software. Interviews are highly technical, so come ready to work through coding problems and math brainteasers. The specific questions you are asked will depend on what type of programming position you are looking for. Try researching a specific software discipline such as web development, application development, or system development.

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What sort would you use if you required tight max time bounds and wanted highly regular performance.

6 Answers

Vector sort.

Guaranteed to be O(n log n) performance. No better, no worse.

That is so say, a "Balanced Tree Sort" is guaranteed to be O(n log n) always.

Intersection of two numerical arrays

8 Answers

What sort would you use if you had a large data set on disk and a small amount of ram to work with?

5 Answers

Write a function to return the number with the longest collatz sequence in a given range: int longestCollatz(int lower, int upper);

3 Answers

Write a function to return if a number is a palindrome (eg, 113848311)

4 Answers

Hardest things to unit test

4 Answers

Find the average value of a binary tree both recursively and iteratively. Explain why iteratively may be preferred over recursively.

2 Answers

what is the significance of '20 log x'?

2 Answers

A brain teaser question where we have to find out 45 minutes with the help of two ropes. Given that one rope burns completely in 1 Hr and the rate or burning is not consistent.

4 Answers

Initial Question Write a function in your language of choice to check if a given string matches a given pattern as a non-contiguous substring: that is, all the characters in the pattern appear in the text string in the same order, but possibly not all in a row. (eg: pwdp matches passwordparser.h and Continuation: How can this be made more efficient (so as you add to the search string, you don't have to redo the whole problem)? Continuation 2: How could results be sorted by relevance?

1 Answer