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Team Leader Interview Questions in Boulder, CO


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Describe a time when you had a win-win situation and you convinced the other person to go with your choice.

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This one threw me, I honestly don't know what they were wanting here because its a lot to have to recall everything that happened in your life. I felt pretty confident about every other question besides this one.

Most questions are very standard interview questions based around customer service. Just be short and concise, dont bore your interviewer, they've honestly got better things to do than listen to your rant about "thrift shopping"

Tell me about a time when you coached someone

There are none, be prepared to answer insipid questions asked by a panel of granolas deemed to be "unthreatening".

Tell me about some of your biggest weaknesses

Typical behavioral questions, you can find a list online.

All of the questions are "Tell me about a time when..." and very open ended, leaving you room to answer creatively. You can get a good idea of what will be asked by going through this site!

How to manage team morale when it is a disciplinable job requirement.

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