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Teller Interview Questions in Boulder, CO

"Employers hiring bank tellers are looking for candidates who can provide superb customer service regardless of stressful circumstances. Expect a lot of situational or role-play questions that will assess your ability to diffuse unsatisfied customers and handle money professionally. In addition, bank tellers must also be comfortable with counting and handling bills efficiently and accurately, so come prepared to answer a mental math counting teaser."

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1. Explain to me a time where you provided excellent customer service? 2. Discuss a time where you accomplished a goal (sales goal wanted). Challenges? Outcome?

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Sales oriented position.

What about you do you feel would make you successful at this position?

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Have you ever had to sell anything before? What do you want to do eventually for your career? How competitive are you on a scale from one to ten? What kind of manager do you work best with?

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The question that's always the most difficult to answer in the right way, "What is something you wish you could change about yourself? What are your weaknesses?"

Nothing too out of the ordinary in the face-to-face interview, but the short answer questions in the Virtual Tryout threw me off and they're timed.

Tell us about a time where you had a difficult customer: what happened, how you handled it and what ultimately happend?

-When was a time you had to meet a certain goal (i.e work or school) and what are the steps you took to accomplish that goal? -Customer service experience and how did you handle the situation?

Why do you want to work as a teller.

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Describe your best accomplishment, how did you accomplish this task, what obstacles did you face, and how did you overcome those obstacles?

The questions were either all about me and things I enjoyed doing, or questions relating to customer service experiences I've had in the past.

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