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Have you ever had to deal with an upset or difficult customer? How would you sell a bra to a customer? What are some open ended questions you'd ask a customer to determine her needs and wants?

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There have been several times when I had to take my time with a few customers who had had bad shopping experiences elsewhere, and by truly listening to them and determining her needs, she was happy in the end for my time and problem solving. Always asking when the last time she was fitted or tried on any bras.

There wasn't anything to out of the ordinary for this job. Just your basic sales interview questions. Just make sure to really review as many sales tips as you can and talk about how you would sell the product and what makes you love it and you will easily impress the hiring manager. You could really impress them buy discussing how the sales numbers affect the stare's overall performance directly.

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Tell me about the last time that you encountered horrible guest service. If you were in their shoes, what would you have done differently?

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If you could pick 3 words to describe your personality, what would they be?

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How do you set goals for yourself? How to you work towards those goals? Explain a situation where you worked on a team and communication was key to achieve a goal.

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Do you consider yourself a leader?

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Tell us about a time where you excelled in customer service, what did you do?

As an entry level position, none of the questions were difficult, just use your best judgement.

Why do you want to work for Victorias Secret?

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what was the best customer service you've done for a customer?

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