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3M Interviews in Bracknell /  HQ: Saint Paul, MN

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Waitrose & Partners Interviews in Bracknell /  HQ: LONDON, UK

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Fujitsu Interviews in Bracknell /  HQ: MINATO-KU, JA

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Interview Questions in Bracknell

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What are the weak points of the Equalogic product line and how would you overcome objections about them.

1 Answer

I discussed the various well known weaknesses of the product and explained that no product is perfect and that one needs to make sure to properly position a product so that the weak points of it are not important. Also, it is important to know if these aspects of the product are relevant to the customer's requirements.

What would you do to make this work - currently we do not have a EMEA department

1 Answer

There was a behavioral interview - I was asked to describe a project and what I did`

1 Answer

How do you keep up with changing trends in technology?

1 Answer

How do you balance your work/life responsibilities?

1 Answer

What type of management style do you prefer to work with?

1 Answer

Talk about all of the elements you need to consider when putting together a data centre hosted solution to be accessed remotely over the WAN by 2000 users

1 Answer

When have you had to learn a new product, and how did you do it?

1 Answer

Why do you want work for 3M?

1 Answer

How would you deal with a customer that calls up for assistance on a product that you have no knowledge on, the person who does is busy with a call, and the customer has rang up many times and has not received a reply, yet needs to sort out the problem urgently?

1 Answer
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