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Branch Manager Interview Questions

"A branch manager demands the skills of someone who is proficient in accounting, but can also build good customer relations, oversee operations, and approve loans and lines of credit. During an interview, be prepared to talk about your experience in managing others, creating a good rapport in the community, and motivating your staff to be successful and ethical. Beforehand, prepare yourself with how you would handle a stressful, difficult, or struggling employee and your tactics to get them back on task."

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Tell me about a time when someone made a mistake and you helped them fix it

Spoke about airline parts and how long it would take someone.

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What is customer service to me

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what is your past ESQI score for the past 6months?

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Standard interview questions were asked during my initial interview. The human resource Recruiter was very professional.

Have you ever been in an accident which was your own fault?

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