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Branch Manager Trainee was asked...October 20, 2011

what experience do you have pertaining to the position.

3 Answers

I told them that i buy used cars for myself to drive and then i sell them for a little profit. They said that this was a conflict of interest. i was like huh? thats rediculous. Less

Well that is a conflict of interest. What happens if you decide to offer a bit more than the company would for a vehicle personally, in order to make that profit for yourself? That's where it is a conflict of interest. Less

Maybe they don't hire people who can't understand a conflict of interest. Maybe they just don't hire people who can't spell 'ridiculous'. Furthermore, maybe they don't hire anyone who is "like huh", as you claim to have been at the time of the interview. You sound like you have a low IQ. Less

Tower Loan

How do I adapt to change?

2 Answers

I'm use to a fast pace changing environment.. That's what i love, so i adapt to change VERY well, and love the challenge Less

How would I describe myself?

JPMorgan Chase & Co

so why banking

2 Answers

So, you like to satisfy clients?

Banking has changed into a complete customer service role these days. The goal is to satisfy the client due to the fact that they can go anywhere to bank. Less

Mariner Finance

How open would you relocating to a new position?

2 Answers

You have to be open to this, but you don't get to choose where you move to.

Yes we are looking into moving back to Ny

Saffron Global Corp

expected questions

2 Answers

What is the Interview process and what all questions are asked?

if a person knows basic english to speak..he can go through this.

Lorin Corporate HR Solutions

Y u choose this feild?

2 Answers

Don't trust this frude company I worked for 2 months and and they taken money with me and not even giver salary .CEO of this company Raj chouley a frude person who was in jail for almost 15 days because of doing this frude activities he shutdown this company by removing us from the company and started again to collect money targeting unemployed people Less

Choose best company not this fake company


on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you want this job?

2 Answers

What did you say?

I said 7 and explained why. I still got the second interview with that answer.

American Welding & Gas

Where do you want to be in 20 years?

1 Answers

President of the company!!


How do you manage your time?

1 Answers

My time management is prioritized in terms of: time frame, importantcy, and the nature of both. Using now as an instance, it is balanced among the maintainence of my children, the atmosphere in which we inhabit, a newborn, and succeeding as an entreprenuer from sole proprietorship. Less


Do you have a valid drivers license

1 Answers

Yes... (they asked twice)

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