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Continental Carbonic
Branch Operations Manager was asked...October 4, 2015

He asked me two questions, they were both about how I would fix a branch with low morale and engagement.

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I said I would interview each employee and get a feel for all the dynamics, start with the low-hanging fruit and see if the employees have any suggestions for improvement, and then manage accordingly from there. He didn't like that I wanted to ask the employees for improvement ideas because that was "my job" and he suggested I may have to "fire everyone and clean house". Less

Jana Small Finance Bank

Questions on current work in present company, education background. Some technical questions regarding Cash management and clearing. Also product knowledge of saving account , kyc and Fixed deposit

Vastu Housing Finance

What kind of benefits u r expecting from us

2 Answers

Job stability

I want challenged roll I am already working in a new nbfc company Iam top performing in Andhrapradesh Please offer me Less


Did not really have any hard questions. (Interviewer no longer with the company)

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I like to be part of your team

I like to be part of your team


When did you have to make a hard decision when faced with a problem and what did you do?

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Highly questionable ethical practices and no delegation of authority to hiring managers. I explained about a time that my boss was considering using falsified numbers while deployed to an austere location in Afghanistan, where there is no human resources section, or any other department of that nature. I communicated privately with my boss explaining that I would not use falsified numbers, and my boss ended up agreeing and doing the right thing. I did not report him because he ended up doing what was right and I would not report somebody for doing the right thing. That would be like reporting to the police somebody for saying that they wanted to steal a car, but never did. Simply doesn't make sense. And again, we did not have anyway to report them even if I wanted to at that time. The HR Executive went on to say "At our company, we would have reported that". Immediately, I knew I did not want to work for this company. I am completely insulted that they would question my integrity and ethical inclinations. I have a Top Secret/SCI security clearance with the government and I live and breathe honesty, integrity, and ethics everyday. I doubt very much that this company does the same. And you would think that after completing 4 interviews for a management position that you would hear something back regarding the status of the position. I followed up on a couple of different occasions and never once heard anything back. Very disrespectful. Unfortunate that this is how they treat disabled veterans looking to improve their company. Less


In this profession, we ask customers to tell us pretty personal things: income, social security, future financial plans, etc. How able are you to speak to complete strangers and sell a product that requires sensitive information?

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I spoke about being a sales associate in the lingerie department of Macy's and how that relates to the question of how comfortable I am in selling a product that requires sensitive information. Less

Wescom Credit Union

How do you handle conflict?

1 Answers

Described a situation with a previous co-worker

Samruddha Jeevan Multi-State Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society

Asked regarding Bank Reconciliation statement & Cash flow statement Previous job experience and previous job details regarding type of work and previous experience regarding operations

1 Answers

Santosh badakar 6741501026 9164275076

Samruddha Jeevan Multi-State Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society

Tell me about your weaknesses?

3 Answers

some works always left behind due to heavy work load but i am working hard to get through it. Less

My emotions .

My emotions


Can you do overtime? do you know Excell?

1 Answers

Yes sir if there is a space of customers then I will do

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