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How many McDonalds are in midtown

5 Answers

Try to be intelligent in your thought process, do not guess or get frustrated that the question is dumb. There are 50 streets in midtown and 12 avenues, so around 500 total blocks. There is a aprox one McDonalds every 4 blocks, so I would guess there are 125.

125 McDonald's in midtown. Kidding?

Google it! Or Iphone it!

Should Hate Crimes be punished more strictly than regular crimes?

2 Answers

Have you worked at walmart before?

1 Answer

What are your aviable time of work?

1 Answer

How would you set up a lunch of BLTs for 100 people?

1 Answer

what can you do to make this store better

1 Answer

What was your biggest failure, personal or professional?

2 Answers

I recall questions about project management experience.

1 Answer

What is your biggest weakness?

1 Answer

How many gas stations are in the USA?

1 Answer
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