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You are given a stream of directions in [up, down, left, right]. Each direction means move one unit in that direction. After completing the movements, you will return to the position where you started. Compute the area of the shape you created. I was asked this when FactSet interviewed me a very long time ago. I liked the question so I sometimes use it myself when I interview other applicants..

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There is no answer. The interviewer just wants to have a good discussion with you about algorithms and running time.

Does this mean the area of steps taken (not including duplicate steps)? Or the area of the steps taken AND area of the shape within those steps (assuming the steps produce a complete shape)?

use the floor function of (number of moves / 2). [n/2]

Given a list of sorted/sequential integers with one duplicate, find the duplicate.

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Write a method that loops through 1-100, and prints "fizz" when the number is a multiple of 3, "buzz" when the number is a multiple of 5, and "fizzbuzz" when the number is a multiple of both 3 and 5.

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Design a blackjack game.

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New York guy asked typical iPhone engineering questions but none particularly egregious or challenging, e.g. memory management and ARC

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Why is C a good language to use for embedded systems

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Others had been saying atoi() was a common question, as was a binary tree question. I did not see either.

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if there are multiple web servers how do consecutive user requests get the session info?

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nothing unexpected.

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If we can't provide the senior position would you accept a middle level position? We can not provide the senior position because you are not doing the exact thing we are doing right now.

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