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If I ask you to jump off the plane without a parachute, would you jump?

5 Answers

I did answer that question, but maybe I shouldn't have answered it. Anyways, no comment.

"Only if I could be holding your hand!" ;-)

If it is still on the ground and I can avoid an injury - possibly...

How many McDonalds are in midtown

5 Answers

Why shouldn't we hire you?

4 Answers

What are the dual mandates of the Fed?

2 Answers

Should Hate Crimes be punished more strictly than regular crimes?

2 Answers

Should torture be legal?

2 Answers

(After discussing a job experience in a field that I said was not right for me) If I were the hiring manager at that company should I have hired you?

3 Answers

After spending an hour discussing a potential architecture, the interviewer demanded a proposed architecture, despite no providing enough details to give a good answer. Even explaining that there wasn't enough information to provide an answer, the interviewer insisted. Couched with caveats about it being based on not enough data, I provided a proposal and was summarily skewered for doing so.

1 Answer

How would you set up a lunch of BLTs for 100 people?

1 Answer

it was very personal and humiliating. they were trying to get a rise out of me. it was deliberate as they wanted to see my reaction

1 Answer
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