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Bridgewater Associates
Senior Security Engineer was asked...November 23, 2021

They asked questions that were on point with the job description, there were no "gotcha" type questions. The recruiter was very clear as to what to expect when speaking with other team members.

Bridgewater Associates

If you could press a button to go back to 1940, before nuclear weapons were invented, would you press it - bearing in mind that if you did humanity would never technologically advance past its current point?

Bridgewater Associates

The example moral/philosophical question they give is: "Is television damaging to society". They really want to know your thought process on open-ended problems and how you can establish a framework to make the discussion a bit more concrete.

Bridgewater Associates
Analyst was asked...November 11, 2021

Should you legalize gambling or not?

Bridgewater Associates

Mostly non-finance, more philosophical type questions.

Bridgewater Associates

Can not answer this question.

Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

How would you describe person centre care

1 Answers

Holistic care

Bridgewater Associates

“If you could press a button so that everyone alive right now would never die, would you do it or not?”

Bridgewater Associates

Fermi estimation in second round

Bridgewater Associates

The interview questions were mostly about my CV. I was given a data set to work on on a phone interview as well but mostly heuristically.

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