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Bridgewater Associates Interviews /  HQ: Westport, CT

549 Interviews

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Bridgewater State University Interviews /  HQ: Bridgewater, MA

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2.5 Easy

Bridgewater Interiors Interviews /  HQ: Detroit, MI

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bridgewater associates Interview Questions

The interview questions were mostly about my CV. I was given a data set to work on on a phone interview as well but mostly heuristically.

If you could press a button and everyone alive currently would live forever, would you and way? Should the United States government provide economic compensation for individuals who lose jobs due to automation?

If you didn't know how something should be done, what would you do?

I get a random call from a trader today asking if something they want to do is OK and no one is available for me to ask for help. What do I do?

Would you be okay telling your boss he/she was wrong?

Name a time I was directly criticized and what I did to overcome

- Tell me three weaknesses you have - Talk about when you failed - Talk about feedback you've gotten

Given 20 points, 19 of them are points on a linear line; 1 of them is a random noise point not on the line. Describe a pseudocode that calculate the line using the points given.

Tell me about yourself, what you're looking for in your next role. Various case study questions. You need to sign an NDA.

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