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Broadband Technician was asked...July 9, 2015

What is the most important part of helping an irate customer?

3 Answers

letting the customer explain the problem. this helps to desesclate the situation by listening. in assuming it's an escalated situtatiion if a sup is on site. Less

I think listening is the most important part of resolving conflict.

what type of drug test was it


Can you describe AC/DC Voltage?

2 Answers

AC is common electricity and DC is battery

AC = alternating currents DC = direct current


How do you provide a world class customer experience?

2 Answers

I wow the customer//Build Rapport

Exceed Expectations


If i could afford a truck and tools.

2 Answers


Sounds like you were hired by a Charter CONTRACTOR like FiberTech not Charter themselves. Charter themselves provides vehicles. Less


Can you explain what POTS means?

2 Answers

Plain Old Telephone Service.

Getting Dial Tone to the prem

Oh, what did you find about us online?

1 Answers

Not very much, just a small amount of mixed reviews for disgruntled ex employees, honestly I didn't know what I was getting myself into, but I have been pleasantly surprised so far. Less

We cannot insure anyone who has had a DUI in the last 7 years, have you ever had a DUI and if so how long ago was it?

1 Answers

No, I have never had a DUI.

Do you have any experience working in customers homes?

1 Answers

Yes I was a installation tech for ______. I have two years of in home customer service and installation experience. Less

WOW! Internet Cable and Phone

what was my biggest weakness in the cable field?

1 Answers

I said truthfully that I could use more training in phone installations and alarm systems Less


What's some key points to to great customer service

1 Answers

Putting myself into customers shoes, how would I like being treated

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