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What is you technical experience?

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Familiar with editing software and media trafficking laws

What is your favorite team

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Why do you want this job?

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Why should we hire you?

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Make a receiver work on-site.

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"Can you say no?" - My position requires prioritizing and accounting for my team's schedule which often means negotiating work between various departments. Even though unexpected, the question made sense because you can't be a doormat as a producer.

Tell me about yourself

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Basic DSP questions like: 1. Use knob to tune and generate the parameters for FIR filter. How to get rid of the bad noise when you switch from one set of parameters to another ones. 2. Time domain envelop and instrumental harmonic affairs and the way they affect the Fourrier spectrum. 3. Question about the resume. 4. Behavioral questions like why you choose Dolby, do you consider yourself a good fit for big company or startup, you like to learn and solve specific technical problems or big picture management problems, do you consider yourself a good fit for base level algorithm design or mid level software optimization or top level product design work. 5. Quantization and sampling DSP questions. Since human hearing region is between 10Hz-20kHz, why we need 44.1kHz or 48kHz or even 96kHz and use them as the digital media sample rates.

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