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Account Manager Interview Questions in Brooklyn, NY

"When interviewing for an account owner position, be prepared to speak to your skills in communications, marketing, and client relations. Employers will be interested in your ability to create long lasting relationships with clients and generate sales for a portfolio of accounts. Your interviewer may test your abilities with a role play question, so be prepared to give a mock sales pitch to a difficult client."

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this is not necessarily a question but it was more of a request that if I take the sales position to please give me or set me up with a direct manager who was older than me this way they could teach me more about the company, the basics and also just about life because they have been on this earth longer than I have so what that means to me is that a lot of people look to take short cuts with things,,even simple,things. I like to learn from a more, experienced person who can show me many different reasons and outcomes so that I can choose to take a better road and not cut corners. that's basically how I was brought up in the car business at the age of 19 and it has been a proven track record for me

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one other request was that every Thursday possibly one more day during the week that I would be able to get out at a normal time perhaps for 5 o'clock so I can go to physical therapy which I thoroughly explained to the two people who had interviewed me, I let them know of my situation it was not life threatening but it is something that I need to keep up on. so in working all these extra hours I missed a few days of physical therapy which caused me to have a certain reaction and that's why I had to call out 2 days which I understand does not look well however this was one of the first things I mentioned before starting this job and again this is why I am confused as to why I was just thrown away, I would not have taken it personally if both people interviewing me thought that this might have been an issue if I needed to get to my physical therapist by 430 5 o'clock twice a week and even though I had mentioned this I still decide to stay at work and cancel my appointments because it would not have looked right if I would have just left my swingman all by himself even though he has been by himself for a very long time and I do give him a lot of credit he works his tail off,and,deserves a,little,something,from,Red Bull for the beverage works, he does not only make his quotas but he truly is the pure definition of an account manager he goes out there and makes sure that everything is a hundred percent right. if you would like his name please simply ask for it I just don't like to shout out names during a survey, thank you

the thing that sticks out most in my head was question number 1 why do you want to drive I had my explanation we went back and forth and then we came to the conclusion of I would be better off in a sales environment. The second question that was asked of me was to sell them a car, since I have a car background of over 8 years. I had asked what the scenario was, the manager explained that he could get the same vehicle 2000 dollars cheaper from a different place but the question was why would I want to buy from you. so I naturally gave my first response on how I would sell anything, within 6 to 7 seconds he clapped his hands and said to stop and that I had nailed the question right on the head. I also had a lot of questions for the two people who interviewed me because this was a total curveball and was not expecting this so I ask my questions and really explained what I was about and what my goals were as a person and for this company and that's why I got hired with no beverage experience, it is because I am very good at all other aspects of communication and sales

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I had two interviews, a skills test and an IQ test. Both were at an expected level

Refer back to a stressful situation and what you did to make the situation less stressful.

How do you handle difficult/upset clients?

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The most difficult part was going to a territory when it was raining. Majority of the time we were inside in businesses however I would prefer a nice sunny day for my second interview.