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Human Resources Interview Questions in Brooklyn, NY

Human Resources Interview Questions in Brooklyn, NY

Business executives look to HR coordinators to help their companies run smoothly by managing issues related to employment, compensation, and employee relations. Expect a lot of behavioral questions that will evaluate your organizational and interpersonal skills as well as scenario questions that will test your ability to handle different kinds of employee conflicts.

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I wouldn't say the questions were difficult but they definitely made you think. First there was a phone screen after weeks of applying then I had to create a proposal on two questions that were asked.

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I think given how involved the process is and getting the opportunity to meet face to face with the HR team, it would've courteous of them to send an email that they found someone more aligned with what they were seeking. I understand that HR has to be cautious with matters such as these and though I love what BAM has to offer as an organization, maybe it is a blessing I am not working there.

How would you deal with an aggressive and difficult supervisor.

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Two people give you a deadline, and then your manager asks for something by end of day, what do you do?

Why are you looking to leave your current position?

Tells us why this internship?

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They went through every function of HR and asked what was my experience with it...EVERY function. They also were interested in trainings that I facilitated.

Where do you want to see your career in the next 5 years?