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how do you know a fridge light is out?

3 Answers

i dont know how to answer stupid interview questions

A Fridge light only goes on when the door is open- it's off when the door is closed- so you would see if it was out by just opening the door.

These types of questions are not testing whether you know how random things work but to see how your thought process works in thinking outside the box. You must be able to be agile of mind and not get stuck in the little things when trying to troubleshoot an issue.

The most difficult question to respond to at the interview and all interviews I have had was when I was asked what salary I was looking to obtain.

1 Answer

How long have you been in your current field?

1 Answer

what are your skills in .net

1 Answer

1. Are you seeking full-time or contract ? (FYI, they were looking for full-time)

1 Answer

2. Name 3 variables that are most crucial in workplace for you.

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3. Have you ever had a conflicting situation with an LOB, and how did you handle it.

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Tell me a joke.

1 Answer

How are you with advanced SQL? Can you demonstrate?

1 Answer

Why would I leave a failing organization?

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