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Intern Interview Questions in Buffalo, NY

Intern Interview Questions in Buffalo, NY

From retail to finance to medicine, every industry needs interns to provide additional support and assistance. Interview questions will vary greatly depending on the industry and role you are looking for. Expect to answer questions about how you work on teams and provide examples of any relevant work experience. To ace your interview, make sure to research the particular position you are applying for.

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What is your greatest weakness?

2 Answers

When I answered with "I can get consumed with trying to make everything perfect and I lose track of time", they told me to think of something less generic and I couldn't think of anything.

Best Answer... I do not acknowledge weakness. I do recognize a challenge. Every challenge I face is a learning opportunity, and that just makes me stronger.

What are your weakness?

1 Answer

Read from file and find top ten most occuring words in file

1 Answer

Why do you think you fit this role you are applying to.

1 Answer

Did you watch the Bills game last week?

1 Answer

management experience ?

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If you were placed on the boys toys art team even though most of your work reflects more of a female style, do you think you'd be able to contribute as well and adapt to the circumstance?

How you worked on multi-layer PCB layout? If yes, then in which project?

We are working on X,Y,Z projects which one are you interested in and why?

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