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Web developer Interview Questions in Buffalo, NY

Web developer interviews are heavy in technical questions. Expect questions that will test your understanding of relevant programming languages such JavaScript and CSS, general web functions, and design experience with web services like REST and SOAP. As a designer, you will likely be asked to show examples of past projects or websites.

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What is your greatest weakness?

2 Answers

When I answered with "I can get consumed with trying to make everything perfect and I lose track of time", they told me to think of something less generic and I couldn't think of anything.

Best Answer... I do not acknowledge weakness. I do recognize a challenge. Every challenge I face is a learning opportunity, and that just makes me stronger.

How would you uppercase a string, if you didn't have access to a stringToUpper method?

1 Answer

How long do you think you will stick around?

What's your favorite programming language?

The interview was pretty standard. It felt like a popularity contest