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What do you know about branching strategies?

3 Answers

I was new to Git and didnt know much about strategies with branching.

Branching by feature: code release from trunk; branching by release: release directly from branch

Allmost all version control system today support branching . It basically independent line of work that stem from one central code base.

Tell the other contract company you are an employee of Panzer Solutions and you work for us. Without even an offer or a signed contract in hand.

1 Answer

Given a set of tests in 2 lists - expected and actual write some code to output all tests that are different or additional than those expected. What is the algorithmic complexity of your solution?

1 Answer

Do you tend to lose pens?

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I was interviewing for a build and release position, and after answering many relevant scripting and SCM questions, an interviewer who ran out of things to ask asked me to in detail describe, the process for a c write() command making it to disc. I was asked to describe all of the buffering, system calls, etc.

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What did I think about working with offshore help? This was primarily aimed at India.

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Why was I at my last employer so long? (my previous position had been 30 years).

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Have you used CVS in the past?

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Are you okay with marijuana? (They made offers in the past that people backed out of because they weren't ultimately okay with it)

No question was particularly difficult or unexpected.

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