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Are you smart?

6 Answers

Yes, at-least by the standards of the people I worked and studied with in the past.

i'm f**** smart The results of the Dunning-Kruger study show that incompetent people massively overestimate their ability, while truly competent people are typically unaware that they are on the far-right side of the bell curve. Assuming that the interviewer is aware of this effect, the best strategy to play is modesty.

What do you know about branching strategies?

3 Answers

Tell the other contract company you are an employee of Panzer Solutions and you work for us. Without even an offer or a signed contract in hand.

1 Answer

Questions about perl.

1 Answer

Do you tend to lose pens?

1 Answer

What attracted you to the job?

1 Answer

Higher level concepts: abstraction, extension, etc.

1 Answer

Any .NET experience at all?

1 Answer

I was interviewing for a build and release position, and after answering many relevant scripting and SCM questions, an interviewer who ran out of things to ask asked me to in detail describe, the process for a c write() command making it to disc. I was asked to describe all of the buffering, system calls, etc.

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Like I said I was interviewing with the customer. I was asked some riddles, but that was about it. If you have 9 metal balls that look all the same and you have one 1 of those balls that weighs slightly more then the others. Using only a balance determine in as few weighs as possible which ball is the heavy one.

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