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Building & Personnel Services interview questions

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Describe a time where you failed, then came back to succeed

3 Answers

Have to describe a bad incident and how you overcame it.

No kidding...

Tailor your response to focus on how you were able to recognize your error and then took action to turn it around and alleviate the situation. Since this is a sales rep interview, it's probably a good idea to highlight your communication skills if possible.

If you see someone needing help but have not finished your assigned work would you help them?

1 Answer

What type of design style do I not like?

1 Answer

What would you do if on your first day you came in and had 60 emails and 20 voice mails and the phone was ringing off the hook?

1 Answer

If i minded getting dirty

1 Answer

What system would you set up to keep track of class schedules?

1 Answer

Advise a time that I had to use my interpersonal skills when assisting another employee. Give example of how I handled an irate customer. Give an example of when you could not help a customer. Quick answer: Never. Never advise a potential employer under any circumstance when you could not assist the customer. It's a trick question.

3 Answers

Where do see yourself in 5 years?

2 Answers

1. Name a time when you had to handle a difficult co-worker. 2. What line of business are you interested in? 3. What do you think makes you successful? 4. Tell me about a time when you made a mistake. 5. Name a time when you dealt with a difficult customer.

3 Answers

Would I accept a lower job than the one we were talking about.

2 Answers
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