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Initially they asked these questions by email: 1) An angry dog is chasing a swimmer around a circular pond. The swimmer is in the center of the circular pond trying to get out of water before the dog bites. Assuming that the dog is not going to swim and the speed of the swimmer is 4 times slower than the speed of dog around the pond; can the swimmer get to the ground before dog gets to the point of release?

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google "The Fox and The Duck Puzzle"

Classic questions testing your understanding of basic probability and logic and basic drill-down analysis ability. No formal education is required to answer these questions; they are purely logical.

How do you motivate students to work hard when they are not motivated?

Why do you want to work at Cardinal Education?--> asked a few times. What are your strengths?

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2) You are shown one side of four cards. You are told that each card has a number on one side and a letter on the other side. You are to test the rule: If a card has a vowel on one side, then it has an even number on the other side. You want to find out whether the rule is true or false. What are the only cards you need to turn over to test the rule (and why) if the cards pictured in front of you are: 2 M A 5

Honestly can't recall since the guy was super rude!

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Dr. P trained his dog to run straight and accelerate exactly 10m/s whenever the dog hears the bell sound. The dog is brought to a start of an infinite straight path with laser beams across every 100m. If crossing every laser beam causes the bell sound, and Dr. P personally gives the first bell sound, then: Will the dog accelerate infinitely or will stabilize at a certain speed?

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