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Intern Interview Questions in Burlingame, CA

Intern Interview Questions in Burlingame, CA

From retail to finance to medicine, every industry needs interns to provide additional support and assistance. Interview questions will vary greatly depending on the industry and role you are looking for. Expect to answer questions about how you work on teams and provide examples of any relevant work experience. To ace your interview, make sure to research the particular position you are applying for.

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Why do you want to intern with us, and not other companies?

There are 100 lockers, all closed. On the first pass you alter the state of all lockers (ie closed -> open; open -> closed). On the second you alter the state of every second locker, and so on until you make 100 passes. Which lockers remain open after?

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What is your most favored investment opportunity at present?

Can you give me an example of a research project that you did? Describe the whole process

What experience do I have with start-ups? Why would I like to work at a start-up?

Why are you interested in this opportunity?

"Why did you choose this one model over another model, like this..."

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